Come Have a Cuppa!

Come Have a Cuppa!


Pray the Rosary (daily).
Our Lady of Fatima, Ora pro nobis.
One who has hope lives differently. - B16

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Please Pray for Us

I found out a few minutes ago that my daddy is being airlifted to a Seattle hospital for chest pains.  He has had an heart attack a few years ago that resulted in a stint placement.

This, this on top of a very personal matter I cannot share with you, but suffice it to say:  please pray for my daughter and her friends.  God knows what I'm asking.  I need intercession 'cos Satan is really trying to mess with me.

I STAND FIRM IN CHRIST - let that be a threat to you, Satan.  God is my shield and help!

Oh, and Chief is on his way home.  Okay, Dawn?  Okay.  Love you, Dawn!  You're the best!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

On the Healthcare Debate

Hey, Mr. President, you can't "promise" us anything, because we still VOTE in this country, right????  You stupid git!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The Right Amount

Searched high and low for a certain kind of handsoap that had a certain ingredient in it for a science project Christian will be doing in school tomorrow.

Can I just say?  I love (love, love, love, love) Target.  It was the last place I was willing to go before he would be sent to school empty-handed.  Thank you, Target.

I invited my friend and her son to dinner.  We had German spaghetti, veg and parmesan bread (veg and bread courtesy of my friend).  It is nice to sup with others.

I'm plating food in my cafe on FB (I know, it's so infantile and silly, but I do have some time to play there), surfing blogs, and going to do a load of laundry for Connor (who should have asked so much earlier today . . . but I'm mum and I haven't really any reason to say "no" now).

And, thank you NEX for having these cute shoes I picked up when we were looking for that aforementioned soap (ahem).

This day had just the right amount of everything.

Now I shall pray the rosary.  Hello, Mary.  I want to say I love you!  I want to give you a crown of roses.

Saturday, March 6, 2010


I only had two Mike's Hard Mango "beers" last night.  Yesterday I had a fruit smoothie from Jamba Juice, too.  Then, I had another fruit smoothie this morning . . . . and pasta for lunch (left over smoked salmon linguini).  I think it was overload.

I won Bunko last night (for those of you not on FB or friends on FB with me).  $35 smack-a-roos!  I bought my Jamba Juice plastic glasses (w/ lid and straws) and the ill-fated drink this AM with the money . . . I was on a waiting list for those tumblers.  Starbucks couldn't keep their tumblers in stock either.  We are thirsty people in HI and have to have our logo drink tumblers!

I've been sitting here reading FaceBook and blogging . . . getting tired.

I heard through the grapevine that Hawaii-Five-0 is being filmed outside my neighbourhood . . . actually can see all the trucks and the lunch tent (that's what I'm calling it) from Connor's bedroom window.  I have to dust off my binoculars.  Or take a few walks with Holly.  Maybe I'll have more on that later.  Who knows.

Time to pray and maybe sit in the sun for a bit.  It sounds restorative.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Drapes, Knights, and Nails

It truly is laughable the predicament I have paid good money to get myself into.  I take pride in my ability to type fast . . . I need to type fast or I'll simply forget what it was I was dying to tell you.  Trust me, there is nothing clever about having fake nails put on . . . it's only good for pulling bee stings and scratching backs, as far as I'm concerned.  But, dernit, they look nice!  (see last photo).

Here is one set of drapes up.  Chief has to fix the first bracket drill holes before he can attempt to hang the second.  I like his "perfectionist" approach to this second set of drapes . . . they may not get hung in a long time . . . and that is the widow that needs to block afternoon (blinding) sun.  My apologies to those of you still in the winter blues of the world. 


This is the Knight light that was in my boys room for years . . . . (yonks, LarryD), but then recently Christian said he no longer needed it nor did he ever use it.  I snatched it out of his hands as if he were offering (I hope he was offering it) a bar of gold.  I've wanted that by my bedside forever (another yonks).  Anyway, I am mostly sharing this for Fr. Daren, who probably can appreciate it as he has a fondness for these sorts of things (he has suits of armor . . . I hope to one day).


My new nails.  I was happy with the quality, considering most places I have gone to hurry the job and don't really clean up the edges and under them well (and, so, forcing me to immediately start picking at them and basically pulling them of in the first few days).  I'll try to keep these on, I swear it. 

Y'all know when I get rid off them 'cos I'm such a big mouth!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Friday Fun Times

I'm going out in the morning to get my nails done with my friend.  I haven't had a good manicure in yonks and yonks.  I'll try and post pictures later.

Next up:  my hair.  It's pathetic.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Reading, Reading, Reading

I finished that book on the Holocaust today.  Horror of horrors.  I prayed a lot!

Now I am proof-reading "Be A Man!" by Fr. Larry Richards before I give it to Connor.  Let's just say, I could give it to him straight up and I think it's fine to do so.  BUT, I love to read and I can't resist the smell of a new book . . .

. . . I'm caught up with Dwight Longenecker's book "The Gargoyle Code".  It is intended for Lenten reading so I caught up to date and will be reading it accordingly (to the schedule).  So far, I'm loving it!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Holy Cow, It's March 1st!

I am currently reading "The Gargoyle Code" by Dwight Longenecker. 
I'm also reading an Holocaust book by Filip Muller called "Eyewitness Auschwitz". 

I'm looking for God's Mercy . . . and I have faith I shall find Him (it). 

St. Patty's Day is coming . . . I shall drink Guinness.  It will be lovely.

Pictures soon of our curtain hanging experiment.  I think we'll use spring-rods for any other window we decide to "dress".  Poor Chief!  Drilling into metal walls/studs is not fun!  Got one up and the other one will get put up another day.  So far, it looks great.  One thing and one day . . . at a time.

Acts of the Apostasy: Mr. Spock Would Make A Great Catholic

Acts of the Apostasy: Mr. Spock Would Make A Great Catholic

Saturday, February 27, 2010

All Clear

Unofficially, of course, until about 2pm.  But, folks are back out on the beaches on O'ahu (reported). 

Thanks for your prayers. 

Now, I'm going to clean house. 

Don't Worry

There's not evacuation for Ford Island, Honolulu, HI, yet.  I doubt there will be at this time.  The bridge will close from about 11am to near 4pm today.  So, we'll be stuck like Chuck on Ford Island unless otherwise told to leave.  Several folks have left for "higher" ground, but since we are so far inland, we may expect waves more than normal, but . . . many of us aren't too worried.

I have filled the fridge with as much water as I can.  I have a tub full of water for the terlits.  I have Holly moved up here with her food.  Medicines and First Aid is up here along with candles and matches. 

Honestly, I am not that worried.  We have taken all precautions we can with the time given us . . . which is a lot more than most folks get when natural disasters strike. 

Don't worry, be happy.  And, pray. 

Love to you all, my friends.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

All Is Well

I'm recovering from a little naughty intestinal virus, and, when you mix that in with my body trying to adjust to the iron and vitamins . . . I got a mess (you didn't)!

I got a phone call from urology early this morning.  Could I bring Christian in at 3pm rather than on the 4th of March?  Yes!  Why, yes I could! 

I got a phone call shortly after that from the high school nurse.  Could I come get Connor?  He's got this bug.  Sure, why not.  Can't let him writhe all over the nurses couch . . . come home and let mama love ya!

All went well at the urology appointment.  His results point to one of two things, so we are going to do some "diary" or "data entry logging" for a week of his "particulars" in elimination and follow up back at the clinic on the 10th of March.  If it's what they think it is, he'll have some exercises to control flow.  Any more information on that and I think he'll slaughter me.  He's twelve after all.  If it's not that, then there is a whole new ball game of monitoring etc..

Answers are coming.  That's what is important.  More important than that:  none of this is life threatening!  THANKS BE TO GOD!

P.S.  do not, I repeat, do not think you are well enough to ingest burger king the first day you think you are better.  i'm just sayin'!

Monday, February 22, 2010

For My Sweet Friend Bev

I thought I had posted pictures of these on my Aloha Spirit blog, but I had not (as far as I could see when I quickly scrolled through it).  This blog is far too vast for me to look (I may have posted some here, but I've no time to bother).  So, Bev mentioned she was looking through pictures for a break and I mentioned that our plans are to walk the Makapu'u lighthouse trail this coming Saturday . . . I told her their were pics of it on my blog (albeit, very small ones as we did not venture close enough, nor did we realize we could) .  Alas, here are the ones we took (with the close up pic swiped from my friend Pam's FB page - she did get some great pictures!).  We hope to capture our own pics of the humpback whales when we go.  I did not take any of Pam's pics she got of that - so pray I don't have to!  *wink*


(Pam's lovely picture)


Turtle and Rabbit islands.


I wouldn't want to tumble down this - there's good railing, but I still freak out.


Can you belive I worried my boys would tumble over those? 


Rachel wondering about looking for little yellow flowers.

I hope that this weekend we are able to go and take some great pictures to share here.  I also hope we see some whales.  I've only ever seen a Killer Whale on my way to Victoria B.C. Canada when I was a kid - humbacks would be grand to see!

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Connor got a trade-in at Game Stop and is happily playing games on his PS3.  Amen.

Christian is okay after a rather nasty fall off his bike.  He wasted the knee out of his new jeans and ripped his shirt in several places . . . his knee is terribly "road rashed" as are the palms of his hands and an elbow.  We are grateful nothing worse . . . He's okay, but it was pitiful to hear him cry-screaming when Chief was cleaning out the wounds. 

We went to see Percy Jackson and the Olympians "Lightning Thief" today.   I love going out as a family to the cinema.  We went to the Dole Cannery one.  What a weirdly, creepy place to go.  It was like being in a ghost town.  Seriously.

I'm going to go back to some reading.  Enjoy your night!